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AIDFLEX foot trainer
Multifunctional leg trainer
This is a universal trainer for strengthening the leg muscles due to trauma or damage to the central or peripheral nervous system leading to dysfunction of the foot. And also to restore function after damage to the ligamentous apparatus of the ankle joint.
The simulator allows you to restore the range of motion: dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, eversion of the foot, as well as internal and external rotation of the lower leg - all those movements that are difficult to isolate and specifically enhance.
Effective rehabilitation
The AIDFLEX Foot Trainer can be used as a stand-alone trainer, as well as in conjunction with our Pulley Station. This allows you to create individual recovery programs for patients of different levels of physical ability, even with paresis of the foot with minimal muscle strength.
Жесткая рама. Несущая рама тренажера имеет направляющие для крепления вдоль всего профиля и позволяет выдерживать нагрузки в любой точке приложения усилия.
Силовые стойки с удлиняемым тросом. Силовые стойки за счет удлиняемого троса позволяют перенаправлять усилие в любую точку вокруг пациента. Это позволяет как создавать нужное сопротивление, так и разгружать части тела пациента.
Разгрузочная система. Позволяет создавать стационарные точки подвеса и перенаправлять как усилие от силовых стоек, так и от подъемника, работая самостоятельно или в сочетании со слайдерной системой.
Позволяет создавать стационарные точки подвеса и перенаправлять как усилие от силовых стоек, так и от подъемника, работая самостоятельно или в сочетании со слайдерной системой.
Подъемная кушетка. Кушетка оснащена электрической регулировкой высоты как для удобства работы специалистов разного роста, так и для плавной разгрузки пациента.
Компактный. Полноценная реабилитация движением на одном рабочем месте в 6 м.кв. В варианте крепления к стене в сложенном виде не более 1 м.кв. по полу.
Молульный. Тренажер компонуется из готовых модулей для решения конкретных задач.
Разгрузочная система.
Load regulation
Rotation angle around the axis 360 degrees
  • Method + Equipment
    AIDFLEX Therapy and the foot trainer are designed to offer a complete program to restore movement
  • Compactness
    An excellent solution for the implementation of individual recovery programs in a rehabilitation center and at home.
  • Compatibility
    Expand the capabilities of the machine by using it in conjunction with the AIDFLEX Power Station strength machine or optional elastic shock absorbers.
Aidflex Therapy
Neuroplasticity studies have shown the ability of the brain to change under the influence of motor experience, as well as to repair lost connections after damage.

Until now, however, physical therapists have had few assistive tools to systemically restore movement. Designed by practicing rehabilitation therapists, the AIDFLEX Series can help your patients achieve maximum levels of function that exceed all expectations.
The following diseases can be treated on the Foot trainer
- Stroke
- Foot paresis (other names for this condition - "drooping" or "horse foot", "paralysis of the foot")
- Spinal cord injury
- Brain injury
- Fractures in the ankle joint

Wellness and Fitness
- Restoration of strength and control over the target calf muscles.
- Recovery of the range of motion
- Restoration of stability in the ankle joint
- Restoration of the support function of the lower limb
- Restoring the walking pattern
The following procedures can be performed with the use of Aidflex Foot trainer:
- - Damage to the capsular ligamentous apparatus of the ankle joint
- Damage to the ligaments of the knee
- muscle atrophy of the lower extremities with intervertebral hernia
- muscle injuries
Equipment features
Maximum overall dimensions, Length / Width / Height:
The movement of loads on a short guide
100 мм
Load travel along a long rail:
200 мм
Angle of rotation around the axis
360 degrees
Back and forth tilt angle on stand / floor
+60 -10 / + 48 -2 degrees
Tilt angle left-right on the stand / on the floor
0 / not less
than 5 degrees
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